Biography & Artist Statement


Artist Statement

    In my art, I explore the human perception of natural processes, the search for beauty in seemingly mundane detail and ultimately the experience of spirituality, of the sublime.

    If I had to sum up my approach in one sentence, I would say that it is dealing with the ways of nature - observing them, learning from them, capturing and emulating them.     
    I find it important to work from instinct rather than rationality, and during the early stages of the creative process itself I often feel more like an observer than an active manipulator.
Especially in my paintings and sculptures, there is very little planning ahead, letting the artwork surprise me and guide me until a certain direction is recognizable and the wide circles in which I’m moving around the undefined center become smaller and smaller. It is the characteristics of the materials themselves that provide this guidance and thus determine the final result considerably. Paint for instance is mostly allowed to flow freely on my canvases, evoking either forces of geographical or microscopic scale.
    I consider a work of art successful if it follows its own inherent nature, its own “rightness”. It is the artist’s task to recognize and cultivate that nature.

    Given our special and often complicated relationship with the natural world, any exploration of nature is always also a confrontation with the human condition, and it has always been my desire to make art that resonates deeply with the viewer.
    Although I love contemporary art for the formal freedoms it gives us, I have always looked back at the works produced in the centuries gone by, envying them for their selflessness, their seriousness and their profound meaning. My art is therefore, on its most idealistic level, an attempt at beauty and content. It is offering new and often surreal angles at the reality around us, widening the viewers’ perceptions of where the sublime can be experienced.

    I believe in ongoing self-cultivation, curiousness and a spirit of endeavor. Artists should learn not only from other artists but also emulate writers, musicians, film-makers, scientists, thinkers, historical figures and anybody else who drives the human story forward. My approach to art is a wholistic one. I want to learn about and try to fully understand the universe of my surrounding and thus find the content for my art.